Amazing Hypnosis!

Our New Hypnotic Seminar, for Women Only! 

The Power of Feminine Sensuality is Professor Jay Tee's fantastic, new hypnotic coaching seminar that helps to liberate women inside their own minds.
Feminine sensual power is rapidly and easily transformed into positive life changes and personality improvements.
I was recently interviewed twice about this seminar, and that's been covered in a number of news outlets:

Cruise Shows coming in 2018!

More details coming soon, along with a schedule for use in booking your cruise. 
Take a great cruise, have fun, and get hypnotized into doing Professor Jay Tee's amazing and unique Themed Hypnosis!
Careful: You might enjoy it so much that you're mesmerized into taking more cruises, to see his shows again!
(Voyager of the Seas in Sydney, Australia)

Unbelievable entertainment

What do you get when you come to a Professor Jay Tee hypnosis comedy show or seminar? Fantastic entertainment that has to be seen to believed!

Doing Hypnosis on the street...

On a cruise ship stage...

In a nightclub...

A shipboard dining room...

Or in a seminar room...

...Professor Jay Tee knows how to guide virtually any group
into having a great time with their own minds!

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Glowing Reviews

Osaka, Japan
9th May 2015
The audience went wild…even people who spoke no English loved it--they could see what was happening... the show filled the club to bursting, and because of our club's open location, passersby saw what was happening and joined us... finally, people were standing and buying drinks because there was no room left to sit down!
Osaka, Japan
25th March 2017 
We wanted something different for our reception. Within minutes after the start, people were dropping down, and then a bit later our bridesmaids were having a body-building contest! It was a incredibly funny watching girls in beautiful evening gowns acting like tough, macho men, puffing out their chests, swaggering across the floor, and trying to display their strong arm muscles.
Tokyo, Japan
19 May 2017
 We’ve had professional hypnotists on our stage before, so I wasn’t expecting anything special. Was I wrong! Jay Tee put so many people under so quickly! And instead of half of them leaving the stage, he managed to keep a whole stage full of active, participating volunteers, doing crazy fun things, obviously in hypnosis. Everything was great. I know I’m a bit jaded, but his show wowed me. Just, wow!

Shows Customized for Your

  • Cruise Ship Entertainment
  • Wedding Reception Entertainment
  • Birthday Party Entertainment
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Speaking
  • Cocktail Receptions
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Shows
  • Christmas Party Events
  • Gala Dinners
  • After Dinner Entertainment
...or almost any other event!

An Industry Leader

Professor Jay Tee is widely-known, well-respected and trusted by other world-class hypnosis professionals. He always treats people right.
"Jay Tee is, and has been for a long time, one of the very best Hypnotists in the world. He is generally acknowledged as one of the industry leaders. I have no hesitation recommending him wholeheartedly."
—Anthony Galie, Head of Corporate Training at Pathways Consulting. Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Corporate Speaker and Trainer with 30+ years’ experience
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Multiple Services

We offer many other hypnotic products and services, including corporate training and entertainment, group seminars and self-help downloads.