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Autumn/Winter 2018 hypnosis fun and more

Now scheduling new shows and seminars for Autumn and Winter 2018

Did you miss us last year? Now is the time to book for Fall and Winter. Don't miss the best time for you—Friday and Saturday nights always book the fastest!

Already working on a military hypnosis comedy performance in Okinawa.

And a corporate hypnosis presentation and change seminar in Tokyo.

Ready for a super hypnosis show in your area?
Set it up now!

All are carefully customized to suit your needs.

Contact our Agent for performances outside Japan (including cruise shows and seminars)

Or email our offices directly at to set up performances within Japan. 

Professor Jay Tee is based in the lovely little city of Kobe, Japan.
Let us know if you're coming by!

Our Awesome Agent

A well-respected entertainment agent in the USA does our bookings internationally. They'll be handling all our hypnosis cruise shows and performances/seminars taking place outside Japan.

Please book through our professional representative:

Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC
P.O. Box 371059
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
702.228.8300 office

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