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Japan can be creepy? Better believe it!

How much would you pay to be terrified nearly out of your mind?

Professor Jay Tee will be personally hosting our new Creepy Japan Tours™ in the Kansai area.

Visitors to western Japan are going to have a great time! Or die trying...
(It's okay, they won't die. I'm just kidding about that part.)

Would you like...
  • Creepy experience
  • Terrible adventure
  • Virtual Reality Nightmare—inside your head?

It's all in the name of "having fun," of course. But this is the kind of "fun" that could send one to the madhouse. (Be careful what you wished for.)

Good luck—you'll need it to survive to the end of the day...

Professor Jay Tee has tried these tours a couple times before as an experiment, and they've turned out very well, but we just didn't have the experience and infrastructure to market to tourists and setup the whole tour each time. And we weren't willing to invest that much time and effort to build a whole new business, either.

Now... we've begun to talk in detail with a major tour company in Japan about holding a variety of the Professor's unusual Creepy Japan Tours™ in Japan's Kansai region (western Japan). If the initial trials make a good profit (for both of us), we've got a new business agreement!

What will happen in your Creepy Japan Tour™?

(the insane hypnosis travel innovation by "Mad Scientist" Professor Jay Tee)

  • You travel by bus to visit paranormally-active Japanese Power Spots in Kyoto, Kobe, or Osaka
  • These are the actual locations of unexplained Supernatural Events that have occurred in ancient—or even recent—Japanese history
  • Experience supernatural events yourself!
    Creepy Japan Tours™ will be available soon to selected (secret!) Power Spot locations in Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. 

    All right! All right! We are talking about booking through Japan Panoramic Tours (aka DOA Japan). If you already like the idea, and you might want to take the tour in the future, it wouldn't hurt to let them know!

    Each tour participant will:
    • Have their mind hypnotically prepared to believe, receive, accept and experience the supernatural (with Professor Jay Tee's help)
    • Learn to sense good—and evil— Japanese entities coming to the Sekai (our normal world) from the Makai (the underworld)
    • Enjoy spooky stories of hideous deeds and terrible happenings, as you travel to visit the actual locations
    • Explore Japanese Power Spots, places of power both good and evil, where you could have your own eeriesupernatural experience
    • Freely use cameras and video cameras to document your own strange experiences! 
    • Be amazed at what you might find captured on film and audio after your Creepy Japan Tour™
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