Change your Mind, Trim your Body!

Trim Your Body Audio Hypnosis now released

Change yourself in time for Summer!

This master-quality audio hypnosis set is carefully designed to help you reset your body image to what you wish to become, rather than being stuck with what you have been. This transition will enable you to more easily adjust your weight and maintain a healthy, active body from now on!
Improve your mind, improve your body.
This long-awaited master-quality audio hypnosis set by Master Hypnotist Professor Jay Tee title is finally available!

Available as an mp3 set downloadable to your favorite device, or as a physical music CD, in a Jewel Case (see photo above) which will be mailed directly to your home. 

News about your Mind

In the News: April 2017 Press Coverage
about Professor Jay Tee

Apr 2017
My new, master-quality Audio Hypnosis line has been released. First three now, more coming as soon as I can finish them. Habit-Transformational audio hypnosis titles will include Aikinosis™, of course.

Apr 9th
And here are some to help those who need to chill out in life!
Master Quality Audio Hypnosis Will Change Your Life. Professor Jay Tee Shares his Expertise

Apr 8th
Psyching up the psychic in you... literally!
Increase Your Psychic Awareness with Hypnosis? Professor Jay Tee Shows You How.

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New Audio Hypnosis titles!

New Audio Hypnosis!

Professor Jay Tee has just released the first three of his Audio Hypnosis series.

Normally, Jay Tee charges $189.99 (or more) for his Online Video Hypnotherapy.
For this price, he gives you personalized attention and adjustments to suit your psyche.

But Professor Jay Tee knows that it doesn't suit everyone's budget!
How can he help even MORE people than the thousands of clients he has already served?

Now, anyone can get the benefit of his vast expertise and experience with the human mind at a fraction of the cost! Learn More HERE!