Is Hypnosis real?

One of the first questions people ask about hypnosis is, is it real?

That depends on what you mean by real. 
The experience of a person who is undergoing hypnosis is highly subjective. In that context, the experience can be indistinguishable from an actual life experience. This can be not only 'real', but life-changing for them.

From the point of view of someone who has experienced hypnosis, and helped many other people into hypnosis, many times, I find that the question has little meaning. A hypnotic trance is difficult to define. However, it is very real to the subject.

After the hypnotic session, subjects retain the learning that they have acquired in the session. It is faster, easier, and more effective than other types of teaching. Does that make it real enough for you?

During a public exhibition, or demonstration, subjects: perform many unusual activities. These activities are made possible by the nature of the crowd and the public nature of the situation. 
The best performers are often extroverts who enjoy having the crowd watch what they do. This is true even when the subjects cannot later recall what transpired during the demonstration. 
Therefore, these public activities may not be considered 'real'.

In a private or online session, subjects perform much less for other people and much more for themselves. They are capable of making extended life changes in such a situation. These changes are quite real, and long-lasting.

So, as to the question, is hypnosis real? The answer is absolutely YES! 
Hypnosis gives real and lasting life improvement and performance improvement effects on hypnotic subjects. That's 'real' enough for me!

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