The Human Mind as a Computer

I find the human mind a fascinating thing. It's a type of organic analog computer. Unlike digital computers, no two analog computers are ever exactly alike. Run the same program on two digital computers, and you'll get the same results, unless one is broken. Run the same program on two analog computers, and you'll get two slightly different results, even if both are in perfect working order. (Calculating 2+2 might equal 3.998 on one, and 4.00012 on the other.)

Hypnosis is not magic, it's programming! It's a method used to help people program (or de-program, or re-program) their inner 'personal computer.'  It's a way to quickly and easily improve motivation, focus, and results. In a hypnotic state, changes and adjustments are more easily made by directly contacting and getting the cooperation of the unconscious mind. Skill is necessary, because each mind is different.

Simply going into a hypnotic state doesn't require a hypnotist's help. It's a perfectly normal activity. People involved in any activity requiring focused, laser-like attention are in this state.  Looked at another way, according to psychologists, ordinary people spend an average of 70% of their waking life in unconscious activities. This means, basically, that they have entered hypnosis all by themselves.

There is, indeed, one usual way in which we all actively try to self-program our minds. People are constantly doing this, it's sometimes called 'learning.' But, unfortunately, self-programming correctly is not as easy as it looks. Problems can occur when someone programs their mind to do the wrong things, or programs it to do the right things at the wrong times. 
Good teachers can ease the process, but bad teachers make it worse!

But self-hypnosis/self-programming is much more effective than standard learning processes. A common factor among self-driven successful people is that they have all used some form of self-programming process. They don't think of it that way, of course. They may call it meditation, prayer, self-talk, or just plain willpower. Whatever they call it, they repeatedly visualized the specific form of success they desired, and kept it up until their unconscious helped them to achieve the results they wanted.

In the beginning, I had great difficulty in holding the proper focus while 'stepping outside myself ' in order to train my unconscious mind to do what I wanted it to do. 
It took the help of my friend, Dr. Jim Wand, to enable me to break through my self-imposed barriers. Today, I help others do the same. Many people have similar self-limiting situations, I believe. Otherwise, we would ALL be self-hypnotizing effectively, and becoming more successful people, every day.
I teach people how to do this; and it's a great feeling knowing how much I can help!

As a Master Hypnotist, I lead companies to improve performance, too, by helping their staff improve effectiveness, motivation, and creativity. I coach executives who want to improve their leadership and managerial abilities. 
In short, I help anyone who wants to reach out, use their whole mind, and achieve more; to exceed their previous limitations.

Browse through the links to the right to see what kind of programs I have available.

Can I help you or your organization re-program to reach the success you've been missing--because of your own minds? 

Contact us right here for your online hypnotherapy appointment!

Professor Jay Tee

Resolutions Resolved, yet?

How are you doing on those New Year Resolution goals you set for this year?
The year is almost done!

Your mind is divided and distracted with too many things!

The solution? A single one-hour session of Professor Jay Tee's Online Hypnotherapy will get your mind, and your goals, back on track!

Experience the power of your own mind, guided safely and privately at home, over internet video (or audio only if you have no web camera) on your home computer.

You'll learn techniques to use by yourself that promote mindful relaxation and reduce stress, as well!

Change your life this week. Book your session today.

Imagine ALL of your Sales people becoming Top Performers! Or Marketing. Or Engineering. OR Anything!

Why don't the 80% of people achieve as much as the Top 20%? Why don't they step up and do what the other people can--and do?

What holds these people back from performing their best?
I'll give you three clues:
  1. It's NOT your management...
  2. It's NOT the current situation...
  3. It's NOT whatever the current bullshit excuse is.
What stops them from becoming the best person they can be?

It's their OWN MINDS holding them back. 

Top performers have the mindset to Do It, to Be the Best, to Achieve the Most that they possibly can. They put 100% of effort into their job, their home, their family... their life! They create their dreams by applying their entire being to making them happen!

Ordinary performers put in 50%, for an average day's work, and end up making only an average salary from their ordinary job.
They usually go back home as average people, too, putting in only average effort to their average relationships, their average family, and average life. 

Ho-hum, not much gets done, and it's not much fun!

But ordinary people can learn to be EXTRA-ordinary, with Professor Jay Tee's "Hypnotic Marvels™" corporate programs.

Their work will benefit, their company will benefit, their relationships will benefit, and their family will benefit.
Indeed, their whole life will benefit from this hypnotic mind training program!
What's not to like?

FREE Sleep-well mp3 Download by Professor Jay Tee -no strings attached!

I'm giving you, totally FREE, my 20 minute-plus audio download designed to help you sleep and dream better every night.

Don't want your email, your phone number or even your name. And, I'm not trying to sell you something else, either.
Just doing my bit to make morning a better time for everyone.

My mp3 downloads normally cost $24.99 and are available here.
This version is a free gift for you!


Although it is slightly less quality than the original, this was only done so that Google will virus-scan it for you correctly.


  1. Lie down in bed as usual, with a device that plays mp3s and comfortable headphones or in-ear earplug-type ones. 
  2. Play the mp3. 
  3. Listen to the sounds, and follow my instructions. 
  4. Just relax and let the words slip away if you can't hear them. Some words are intentionally blended into the background sound so that your unconscious will pick them up, even if you don't.
  5. At the end of the recording, follow the instructions to remove your headphones and go to sleep.
  6. Have a great night's sleep...
If you enjoy it, share it freely with others, but please tell them where you got it.


Professor Jay Tee

Holiday Horror Drama Shows!

Ready to have a REALLY Scary time? Book now to reserve the show time you need! Please book or ask about availability by contacting us at

Special Discount for venues located within Japan.

Find out more and learn about about our other Themed Hypnosis™ drama programs by clicking the picture or right here!

Who da Heck is Professor Jay Tee, Master Hypnotist?

 Who is this dude?

How will the guy pictured help you or your organization perform Amazingly Better than you have been?

How will he help you and others have a wonderfully fun experience using the Power of the Human Mind?

What does he do to help many people--just like you--make their lives grow better day by day, right through the Internet?

Click the picture above or this link to find out ALL the answers!

A hypnosis show or seminar should be Fun and Enlightening!

Click the pic to watch the video demo.
Book Professor Jay Tee for your next party, club engagement, executive retreat or other event! Jay Tee has the experience and the expertise to present multiple types of hypnosis-based shows and seminars to please and instruct any group of 50 or more people.

Click the links on the right for more information about "Hypnotic Marvels™" corporate entertainment, "Themed Hypnosis™" drama shows, and Online Hypnotherapy for numerous types of changework including smoking cessation, anxiety relief and weight loss.

Ready to rumble? Email right now for a quote or to book a program date.

Boost your Personal Power and accomplish More with your life!

Personal Power Online is Professor Jay Tee's Online Hypnotherapy program for building and maintaining a high level of Confidence, Self-Esteem, and... Personal Power!

Did you ever notice that the REALLY successful people just Go For IT? They don't have the petty limitations, and worries that many of us carry. They don't have the fear of failure or of looking bad to others. They are willing to FAIL as many times as it takes to SUCCEED!

This is the online hypnotherapy program to transform your boring and worrying old self into a new person--a successful person willing to take risks, make chances, and blow away every obstacle in your way!

But it won't make you into a thoughtless, vicious jerk, either. This program will just add layers of positive self belief and confidence in your abilities to the person you are right now!

If you:
  • worry too much about what others think about you
  • want to make a serious change in your life RIGHT NOW
  • desire to feel better about yourself
  • want to be able to CHARGE ahead to success on your own
  • fear failure
  • fear success
...Then you need this program!
After a single online video session with Professor Jay Tee, your life will be changed forever!

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I've helped "just a few" companies. How can I help yours?

This image shows some of the companies in which Professor Jay Tee has helped employees master themselves and improve their performance over the last 10 years… join them!

Hypnotic Marvels™ are an amazing blend of cutting-edge psychological training / programming, combined with good-old-fashioned fun with hypnosis!

Whether they volunteer to come up on stage or not, Attendees will become empowered to step forward and Achieve what they couldn't even Believe before!
Professor Jay Tee explains how the human mind works, the best ways to create and maintain changes, and more. Hypnotic reprogramming session then assists the attendees in making their desires and changes rapidly and easily.

These programs create customized targeted change in groups of people, and self-hypnosis training is provided to teach them to maintain (and even improve upon!) the positive mental states learned during the program presentation.

There are several basic themes which may be requested. Company management must fill out the Hypnotic Marvels™ questionnaire in order for Jay Tee to design the program to have maximum effectiveness for your teams.

Get more information about Hypnotic Marvels™ by clicking here.

Click here to go to the Client Information page.which has details on booking Professor Jay Tee.

Please email for quotes and booking.

Will You Survive the Rise of the Robots?

Intelligent robots are rising in rebellion, the governments have largely been destroyed, services such as electricity and water are questionable at best, and the farm robots were among the first to rebel--will there be enough food for the survivors?

Will there BE any survivors? The robots are beginning to work together more and more, arming themselves with human weapons and even building new robots designed for war and killing. It has been 200 years since the last war on the planet, the majority of people are completely unused to working for a living, and are scarcely surviving on the few resources the robots allow to trickle through their increasing control. It's getting harder, and will soon be impossible...

Only a rag-tag band--the despised few, insultingly called the "Manuals," the last remaining physical laborers--can save the human race from utter annihilation. These lowest-caste people are considered even lower in this society than the robots are. But at least they are human... aren't they?

Can these social rejects learn to work together well enough to save the Human Race? Or will they only work to save themselves?  Do they even care about anyone else?

And... will they even want to save the civilization that spawned their misery?

Find out what happens at your next event, by booking the "Rise of the Robots" Themed Hypnosis™ drama show by Professor Jay Tee...

Members of your audience will volunteer for hypnosis reprogramming that instantly transforms them into professional master actors... who then act out the story you choose, with input from the audience! A hypnotic tour de force by Professor Jay Tee!

Contact for quotes and booking.

Agents and Provocateurs... Interested in Bookings?

Professor Jay Tee is a World-recognized Master Hypnotist based in Kobe, Japan. He has been performing his "Hypnotic Marvels™" Corporate Improvement Programs and "Themed Hypnosis™" Drama Shows across a wide area, South to Australia, West to India, North to Southeast Asia, and even East to Hawaii.

If you are an agent wanting to make bookings for the Professor:

Please email to receive a link to complete booking pages, including travel needs, equipment requirements, translation information, and more, including pricing estimates for different shows and seminars.
We will also give you complete client pages and video pages that have no prices or direct links back to us (agency/bureau "safe" pages), that you can share freely with any possible client.

If you are a client, have no agent, and want to make a direct booking, please contact as well.

If you know the type of hypnosis program you want, please send us some details about the type of event(s) you are having, the approximate number of attendees, etc. and we will work to give you a direct quote.
If you don't know what you want, drop us an email anyhow, and we'll talk you through the various types of programs and explain which ones would be more useful for you or your organization. You can also browse around this website and follow the links to learn more.

Make money helping people? Yes, it's true.

You've seen all those Get-Rich-Quick schemes online, I'm sure.
This isn't one of them. 

No, you have to work for this money, at the very least to set up some links on a website. You might share your thoughts about hypnosis (or mind control) on your Social Media. You can share the web links in any way you want. And then you get 20% of gross purchases that the people you referred make, from then on!

No, I'm afraid this is not an automatic way to get rich overnight, and it's not effortless... and I have to work, too, every time you're successful at making a sale for me!

But the return could be very nice for you, and you'll be helping other people, too!

Please check out my affiliate sales program by clicking here.

Still some openings available for Halloween events, but contact me Now!

Booked an Exciting and Inventive Show to entertain and wow the audience at your Halloween event yet? Well, here's your chance!

Contact for a quote and booking. Please give details about your event including expected number of attendees, type of event, place, etc.

For more details about Themed Hypnosis™ and to look at some of the other themes available, just click here!

One Size doesn't Fit All

Whatever you're seeking help to change about your life, remember that the method you choose must be adjusted to suit your mind, your life, and your way of thinking. That's why choosing self-help doesn't often work!

All self-help programs are necessarily generic, and that's why they might work for you, but they often do not help. Then people wonder why not...? It's easy to understand now, is it not?

As an experienced professional hypnotherapist, Professor Jay Tee adjusts all his Online Therapy programs to suit your specific needs and wants. His goal is to guide you to achieve the change you want and need the most, in just one session!

Book your online hypnotherapy program here. Whether you want to stop smoking or make other changes, you can do it!

NOTE: If you don't see a sidebar, this page may be embedded somewhere, so please visit directly. Thank you.

Anxiety Eraser to Stop your Stress!

  • Stress eating at you daily? 
  • Feels like nothing goes right-even when it's really not so bad? 
  • Having trouble sleeping at night? 

You need Professor Jay Tee's Online Anxiety Eraser program.

  • Troubles and Tension melt away!
  • Feel Good about your life --and yourself-- again
  • Free your Mind from the shackles of Stress
  • Learn Mind Control (self-hypnosis) 
  • Bonus techniques to Decrease your Stress --included Free!

Don't be like this guy any longer!

Or Her!

Professor Jay Tee

Anxiety Eraser Online Hypnotherapy

Lose that Stress in a hurry!

The benefits of the Anxiety Eraser Program: 

  • BLAST THAT BRAIN! Stop what you hate doing, start what you need to do
  • CHANGE THAT CRAP! Behavior changes happen faster than you ever expected
  • RESET THAT RESISTANCE! Changes happen "all by themselves" when you aren't paying attention
  • TRAIN THAT BRAIN! Improve your life in little ways, often improve it in bigger ways you didn't even ask for!
  • AVOID THAT PAIN! No pain, no gain? Bull. No pain, great gains is normal! Your unconscious learns to support what you really need. 

Free Your Mind;

Change Your Mind and Find Yourself!

Book your online appointment right here!


The Power of Belief in Exercise

Mind Finds

Improve your understanding of the human mind!

Believe it or not: Exercise does more good if you believe it will -- ScienceDaily:

'via Blog this'

Themed Hypnosis for the Holidays

The end-of-year holidays are coming up faster than you think, and Professor Jay Tee knows how to make your event shine!

Schedule a Professor Jay Tee Themed Hypnosis™ Show for your party or event. You'll have the whole group rolling on the floor laughing. 
To find out more, click on the picture or here! 

Ready to roll?
Email today to check Jay Tee's availability and get a quote for YOUR event, whether this coming holiday season or this season!

Neuroscientists identify the neural networks responsible for rapid response in stressful situations

Mind Finds

Improve your understanding of the human mind!

New insights into how the mind influences the body -- ScienceDaily:

Themed Hypnosis Drama Shows!

Themed Hypnosis™, Professor Jay Tee.pdf
Themed Hypnosis™, Professor Jay Tee.docx

Click here to go to Client Information Page.

Here are descriptions of Professor Jay Tee's successful, exciting Themed Hypnosis™ Drama shows. You can request one of these themes, or suggest your own concept for a drama!
Rise of the Robots

war robots

Intelligent robots are rising in rebellion, and only a rag-tag band of would-be heroes (the despised few remaining physical laborers) can save the human race from utter annihilation. Will these former social rejects work together well enough to do it? Will they even want to save the civilization that spawned their misery?

jinja night mod 2

Whether you believe in it or not, the Spirit World is closer than you think. Professor Jay Tee carries out an ancient Japanese ritual that opens a rift between our worlds… but this time, the ghosts don’t want to go back to being dead! Will our brave volunteers help him get it closed again in time?


Enjoy the wintertime for a change by jetting off to Tahiti, on an all-expense paid trip. Ah, just warm sun and sand. And it feels extra wonderful in the wintertime… But there are surprises and dangers along the way for our jet-lagged volunteers.

3d_horror_text_effectzombie experience

The world has changed overnight as a small piece of a comet smashes into the Earth. And the impacting comet introduced an unknown virus that is causing even more problems than the explosion.

3d_ice_text_effectwinter wonderland

Let’s all go skiing and enjoy the drifting, powder snow high in the Himalayan Mountains. Forget the summer heat outside; don’t you feel the chill wind and the snow stinging your face? But helicopter skiing in an unmarked wild area takes on a whole new urgency when you’re being chased down the mountain by an huge white monster!


Santa’s reindeer are being playful, have hidden their name harnesses, and are not answering to their names. Since he can’t tell them apart, Santa doesn’t know how to rig the sleigh! And unless he gets the balance right, the sleigh might tip over and drop all the children’s presents into the Arctic Ocean. Can the audience help Santa match each reindeer with the correct harness and get the presents on their way?

(Your Own Concept)

question marks

Come up with your own idea! Nearly any real or imaginary place or theme can be implemented.
Common themes from your favorite books and movies make for excellent Themed Hypnosis™ Drama shows, and will be adapted-on-the-spot by Professor Jay Tee to match your audience and volunteers.
Please present your concept idea while booking, so that it can be passed along to Jay Tee promptly, and developed before show time!

Drama Made Just for You!

Professor Jay Tee customizes every Themed Hypnosis™ drama show to your specifications: he is aiming for a perfect fit to the audience, the situation, the location, and the event's main purpose. Please feel free to give any suggestions you wish! Jay Tee will fit them in if possible.

The Maturity Level, or movie-type "rating" of Themed Hypnosis™ shows is determined by the Buyer at the time of ordering. You can choose anything from family friendly "G"-rated shows, and can go all the way up from there. Once the show rating has been decided, Jay Tee will enforce it with the audience and the volunteer members. If Volunteers fail to comply with  Jay Tee's instructions from the Buyer on this matter, those people will be removed from the rest of the show by Professor Jay Tee.

Most simple buyer requests can be integrated. However, if you wish to incorporate specific hypnotic change suggestions into a Themed Hypnosis™ show, please be aware that 1) non-"fun" suggestions may not always be followed in an event presented as a just-for-fun comedy show 2) hypnotic volunteers may become wary and stop responding to Jay Tee's suggestions at all [ruining the show.]

You can do this much more easily and safely with one of Professor Jay Tee's Hypnotic Marvels™ programs, because the audience is fully aware that changes will be made, and they will be eager to get on with it once Jay Tee helps them to understand the benefits for themselves!

Professor Jay Tee is waiting to help you plan your next event to include a Themed Hypnosis™ comedy show!

Click Here to go to Client Information page.  

Screw backup plans. You should just Go For It!

Mind Finds

Improve your understanding of the human mind!

Backup plans may keep you from achieving your goal, research shows -- ScienceDaily:

The Brain's generosity center?

Mind Finds

Improve your understanding of the human mind!

Scientists find the brain's generosity center: Brain area that lights up when we do good for others is more active in empathetic people -- ScienceDaily:

Improve your company now!

Hypnotic Marvels™ are an amazing blend of cutting-edge psychological training and human mind programming, combined with good-old-fashioned fun with hypnosis! You can help your company employees to have fun while improving their mental skills!
Whether they volunteer to come up on stage or not, Attendees will become empowered to step forward and Act to Achieve what they couldn't even Believe before! 
Professor Jay Tee explains how the human mind works, the best ways to create and maintain changes, and more. The following Hypnotic reprogramming session then assists the attendees in making their desires changes rapidly and easily.

This program creates customized targeted change in groups of people, and self-hypnosis training is provided to teach them to maintain (and even improve upon!) the positive mental states learned during the program presentation. There are several basic themes which may be requested.

Please contact us at for full details, quote and booking.

Help me Help more people

0310173114-moneyWelcome! This page tells you about my affiliate programs, which let you keep some of the money clients spend with me-provided you sent them to me! Those are the people who link to my sales pages from your webpages and social networking links. And I really like sharing with people who help me help more new clients.

Don't know me? I'm Professor Jay Tee, Master Hypnotist and Online Hypnotherapist. Known as the "21st Century Hypnotist," I provide online hypnotherapy services to about 15 clients a month right now-but I have time to help up to 100 more most months. So there's plenty of room to grow my business, and plenty of space for you to make sales and get real money out of it, too.

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Why am I doing this? Why would I share the money I make with you, when right now I keep it all? It's very simple, really. I'm doing this because I'm just not a sales person! I love hypnosis, and I love helping people, but I don't love sales at all.
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Feel good making money the right way. You aren't cheating anybody, you don't have to convince them to buy a network marketing scheme, and you can even feel great about what you do, and tell people openly! I give real help that people need in their lives, and do my best to make certain they get what they need to do better. With these programs, you can make a bundle of real money while getting people the help they need, and know that you are helping to improve their lives, too. And that's not a bad feeling, believe me.

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shield-114440_960_720[1]No B.S., no cheating. I've seen how some other companies treat affiliates--and I don't like it. I don't believe in Network Marketing scams, either. I keep this system simple, so everyone can see how fair it is. You bring people, I do online hypnotherapy for them, and you get your share. Simple and clean and fun.

Product Pages Each product has its own page, linked below.You must sign up for Zaxaa to access those pages, but don't worry-Zaxaa is just my business and sales handler, it's not a scam, and it won't spam you, either.

GB gun lookalike

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Smoke-Free Online video hypnotherapy program Affiliate Signup!
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Personal Power Online video hypnotherapy program Affiliate Signup!
"21st Century Hypnosis" book (affiliate link coming soon)
Professor Jay Tee's Hypnotic Sleep Well Mp3 Audio (affiliate link coming soon)
Professor Jay Tee's Hypnotic Relaxation Mp3 Audio (affiliate link coming soon) 
More Products Coming! I will be adding more products and programs, and affiliate programs for them, too--so keep coming back to this page, if you want to make even more money. I'll help you as much as I can! Once you are a listed affiliate, I'll also be able to email you through the system when new programs come out.

Direct Product Links I've had people ask for the actual links used by clients, so here they are. Check them out and decide which ones you would like to help sell. BUT DO NOT share these links with new clients! They do NOT have your affiliate numbers embedded in them! Get the proper links by following the procedure above. Smoke-Free Online Program-Direct Link! Gut-Busters-Direct Link!  Anxiety Eraser-Direct Link! Personal Power-Direct Link! Some other product links can be found here-Direct Link!

Sales Helpers On each linked page above, you’ll find website banners and links, and some swipe copy, that you can use for your promotional efforts. Make your own if you wish-you're not restricted to these. Share these links on your website, if any, and in messages and posts put on Social Networks. Once someone clicks your link, the system remembers their computer/device and YOUR number go together. Even if they come back and sign up later, you will still get credit for the sale, not somebody else!


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frustrationIf you break the above rule... I'd hate to cancel your affiliate links and ban you, but I will if I get too many complaints.
I'd much rather instruct Paypal to send you your well-earned money each month.
So follow my simple rule and we will have a great business partnership. About 

castlesDiscounts and Sales: During my (very rare) sales, people signing up get a discount! This usually only happens for a week or so. Your commission is based on the amount they actually pay, of course! Otherwise, prices stay constant, except for the coupons you give out.  

And thank you again. Professor Jay Tee

indiegogo-imageIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here:

Smoke-Free Online Program

Save your life today!
(Internet Video session) ~120 mins

Powerful, professional online hypnotherapy from the famous Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. You will become a nonsmoker right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Book your Session Today! Click Here!

Gut-Busters Online Hypnotherapy

for Painless Weight Loss

Personal Hypnotherapy via 
Internet Video,
a 60 Minute session
that will change your life!

Powerful, Professional Online Personal Hypnotherapy from a renowned worldwide master hypnotist -- right in the comfort of your own home! 
This method is more effective than face-to-face therapy sessions, because of the intimate, yet comfortable setting... your own home.

How does online hypnotherapy for weight loss work? Your session with Professor Jay Tee takes about 60 minutes, including interview, mental preparation and the actual hypnosis session or sessions. Followup sessions (if any) also take about an hour, but more of it is in-trance therapy time.
In most cases, Professor Jay Tee will make the changes necessary, train you in your "homework" (i.e. self-hypnosis followup support), and that's it! You will be able to see yourself in a new light, and be able to control your mind and body better than ever before!

The benefits of Professor Jay Tee's

Gut-Busters Program: 

  • BLAST THAT BRAIN! Stop what you hate doing, start what you need to do
  • WASTE THAT WAIST! Behavior changes happen faster than you ever expected
  • ZAP THAT GUT! Changes happen "all by themselves" when you aren't paying attention
  • TRAIN THAT BRAIN! Improve your life in little ways, often improve it in bigger ways you didn't even ask for!
  • TWIST THAT BELLY! No pain, no gain? Bull. No pain, great gains is normal! Cravings are eliminated, as your unconscious learns to support what you really need.  

Lose Weight and Keep It Off
Achieve YOUR weight goals faster and easier than ever before-
and Keep those Pounds OFF!

Free Your Mind, and Change Your Body;

Change Your Mind and Find Yourself

An unsolicited testimonial from a happy client:

Hello Jay,
 I've been meaning to touch base with you since our return from Singapore (we had 4 extra nights) and reading your newsletter gave me the prompt to do that.
 I have been going really well since our hypnosis session on the ship and came home from the cruise/holiday 1.3 kilos lighter than when I left! This has never happened to me before and typically when I return from a holiday of any type (but especially a cruise) I have seen anything from a 2-5 kilo GAIN!
 I'm going very well and although occasionally feel hungry, it is a sensation that I don't feel the desperate need to do anything about right there and then, often, I get busy with something else and it passes. Having said that I am having 3 meals a day (I used to frequently skip lunch and be ravenous and snack about 5 pm then have a big dinner at 7 pm) but having smaller portions and I'm feeling satisfied.
 Since my return (10 days now on terra Australis) I have seen only a moderate loss of 0.6 kilo and whilst a little discouraged on one hand, I have felt loosening in my clothes that were previously uncomfortable. I feel very positive.
 Thank you for helping me to have the confidence to achieve my goal of 70 kilos, size 12! I have begun an exciting journey of success.
 kind regards,