FREE Sleep-well mp3 Download by Professor Jay Tee -no strings attached!

I'm giving you, totally FREE, my 20 minute-plus audio download designed to help you sleep and dream better every night.

Don't want your email, your phone number or even your name. And, I'm not trying to sell you something else, either.
Just doing my bit to make morning a better time for everyone.

My mp3 downloads normally cost $24.99 and are available here.
This version is a free gift for you!


Although it is slightly less quality than the original, this was only done so that Google will virus-scan it for you correctly.


  1. Lie down in bed as usual, with a device that plays mp3s and comfortable headphones or in-ear earplug-type ones. 
  2. Play the mp3. 
  3. Listen to the sounds, and follow my instructions. 
  4. Just relax and let the words slip away if you can't hear them. Some words are intentionally blended into the background sound so that your unconscious will pick them up, even if you don't.
  5. At the end of the recording, follow the instructions to remove your headphones and go to sleep.
  6. Have a great night's sleep...
If you enjoy it, share it freely with others, but please tell them where you got it.


Professor Jay Tee