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0310173114-moneyWelcome! This page tells you about my affiliate programs, which let you keep some of the money clients spend with me-provided you sent them to me! Those are the people who link to my sales pages from your webpages and social networking links. And I really like sharing with people who help me help more new clients.

Don't know me? I'm Professor Jay Tee, Master Hypnotist and Online Hypnotherapist. Known as the "21st Century Hypnotist," I provide online hypnotherapy services to about 15 clients a month right now-but I have time to help up to 100 more most months. So there's plenty of room to grow my business, and plenty of space for you to make sales and get real money out of it, too.

I pay you real money, not tiny payments! If you sent me only 1 (ONE!) client this month who signed up and did my nonsmoking program, for example, you would get 20% of the nearly US $500 fee for it the following month, or $100 sent to you the following month! I don't give you only tiny amounts of money like YouTube, Amazon or the other big companies.
There is no "Minimum Amount" for payments, expiring points, requirement to sell other salespeople, or other clever tricks. You help me help others, and I send you a cut of my sales, and that's it.

Why am I doing this? Why would I share the money I make with you, when right now I keep it all? It's very simple, really. I'm doing this because I'm just not a sales person! I love hypnosis, and I love helping people, but I don't love sales at all.
That's where you come in. If you have the sales mentality, and you are willing to share links on a website or on your social interactions on Facebook, Line, Twitter, or whatever, I'm willing to pay you for your help.
Besides, if you are good at sales, you will be helping me get more work, and I get more money out of it each month, too. When agents book me a new hypnosis show to perform, I happily pay their fee. I will just as happily pay you for helping me find more online work...


Feel good making money the right way. You aren't cheating anybody, you don't have to convince them to buy a network marketing scheme, and you can even feel great about what you do, and tell people openly! I give real help that people need in their lives, and do my best to make certain they get what they need to do better. With these programs, you can make a bundle of real money while getting people the help they need, and know that you are helping to improve their lives, too. And that's not a bad feeling, believe me.

Steady Money! If you set it up right, while helping me sell my services and products, you will be able to build yourself a steady stream of income--because you get an amazing 20% of the gross sales! So if you provided me with only 5 new clients next month for the Smoke-Free Online program (my best-selling US $500 program), that would get you $500 extra income the following month, and for each month you do it again -- for helping only 5 people decide to save their lives! But if you are any good at sales, I think you can get more than 5 people to do that, don't you?

shield-114440_960_720[1]No B.S., no cheating. I've seen how some other companies treat affiliates--and I don't like it. I don't believe in Network Marketing scams, either. I keep this system simple, so everyone can see how fair it is. You bring people, I do online hypnotherapy for them, and you get your share. Simple and clean and fun.

Product Pages Each product has its own page, linked below.You must sign up for Zaxaa to access those pages, but don't worry-Zaxaa is just my business and sales handler, it's not a scam, and it won't spam you, either.

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Please Sign Up Here!

YOU MUST SIGN IN to each product page linked below and then CLICK THE "Request to Promote" BUTTON in order to become an affiliate for THAT product! You must click the button and signup for EACH product you choose to sell. Otherwise you won't get the correct affiliate link to give out to customers for buying THAT product with your affiliate number in it. I will help you if you need help.
Smoke-Free Online video hypnotherapy program Affiliate Signup!
Gut-Busters Online video hypnotherapy program Affiliate Signup!
Anxiety Eraser Online video hypnotherapy program Affiliate Signup!
Personal Power Online video hypnotherapy program Affiliate Signup!
"21st Century Hypnosis" book (affiliate link coming soon)
Professor Jay Tee's Hypnotic Sleep Well Mp3 Audio (affiliate link coming soon)
Professor Jay Tee's Hypnotic Relaxation Mp3 Audio (affiliate link coming soon) 
More Products Coming! I will be adding more products and programs, and affiliate programs for them, too--so keep coming back to this page, if you want to make even more money. I'll help you as much as I can! Once you are a listed affiliate, I'll also be able to email you through the system when new programs come out.

Direct Product Links I've had people ask for the actual links used by clients, so here they are. Check them out and decide which ones you would like to help sell. BUT DO NOT share these links with new clients! They do NOT have your affiliate numbers embedded in them! Get the proper links by following the procedure above. Smoke-Free Online Program-Direct Link! Gut-Busters-Direct Link!  Anxiety Eraser-Direct Link! Personal Power-Direct Link! Some other product links can be found here-Direct Link!

Sales Helpers On each linked page above, you’ll find website banners and links, and some swipe copy, that you can use for your promotional efforts. Make your own if you wish-you're not restricted to these. Share these links on your website, if any, and in messages and posts put on Social Networks. Once someone clicks your link, the system remembers their computer/device and YOUR number go together. Even if they come back and sign up later, you will still get credit for the sale, not somebody else!


Coupons For most products, I've you coupons to give away for up to 25% off the program price! (There are coupon links for 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% off) That may help sales, but remember: that reduces your commission, too. If you reduce a program by 25%, your commission drops by 25%, too. But how you market the programs is up to you. Go full price when selling, or give discounts to get lower income folk to participate... Look in the file SWIPE 2 at the bottom of each product page to find the coupon codes to give out for the various discounts.

MY ONE RULE IS SIMPLE I only have one real rule for you to be careful of: During your sales, no lying to the would-be clients. You can encourage and explain, give examples and tell stories of successes (true or not) but please be careful of your wording and do NOT guarantee anything I don't guarantee, such as that they will suddenly be thin forever. You may only deal with them once; I must deal with them after that. Use my swipe copy as you wish, but don't reword it so much that it is untrue...

frustrationIf you break the above rule... I'd hate to cancel your affiliate links and ban you, but I will if I get too many complaints.
I'd much rather instruct Paypal to send you your well-earned money each month.
So follow my simple rule and we will have a great business partnership. About 

castlesDiscounts and Sales: During my (very rare) sales, people signing up get a discount! This usually only happens for a week or so. Your commission is based on the amount they actually pay, of course! Otherwise, prices stay constant, except for the coupons you give out.  

And thank you again. Professor Jay Tee

indiegogo-imageIf you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here: