I've helped "just a few" companies. How can I help yours?

This image shows some of the companies in which Professor Jay Tee has helped employees master themselves and improve their performance over the last 10 years… join them!

Hypnotic Marvels™ are an amazing blend of cutting-edge psychological training / programming, combined with good-old-fashioned fun with hypnosis!

Whether they volunteer to come up on stage or not, Attendees will become empowered to step forward and Achieve what they couldn't even Believe before!
Professor Jay Tee explains how the human mind works, the best ways to create and maintain changes, and more. Hypnotic reprogramming session then assists the attendees in making their desires and changes rapidly and easily.

These programs create customized targeted change in groups of people, and self-hypnosis training is provided to teach them to maintain (and even improve upon!) the positive mental states learned during the program presentation.

There are several basic themes which may be requested. Company management must fill out the Hypnotic Marvels™ questionnaire in order for Jay Tee to design the program to have maximum effectiveness for your teams.

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