Will You Survive the Rise of the Robots?

Intelligent robots are rising in rebellion, the governments have largely been destroyed, services such as electricity and water are questionable at best, and the farm robots were among the first to rebel--will there be enough food for the survivors?

Will there BE any survivors? The robots are beginning to work together more and more, arming themselves with human weapons and even building new robots designed for war and killing. It has been 200 years since the last war on the planet, the majority of people are completely unused to working for a living, and are scarcely surviving on the few resources the robots allow to trickle through their increasing control. It's getting harder, and will soon be impossible...

Only a rag-tag band--the despised few, insultingly called the "Manuals," the last remaining physical laborers--can save the human race from utter annihilation. These lowest-caste people are considered even lower in this society than the robots are. But at least they are human... aren't they?

Can these social rejects learn to work together well enough to save the Human Race? Or will they only work to save themselves?  Do they even care about anyone else?

And... will they even want to save the civilization that spawned their misery?

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