The Human Mind as a Computer

I find the human mind a fascinating thing. It's a type of organic analog computer. Unlike digital computers, no two analog computers are ever exactly alike. Run the same program on two digital computers, and you'll get the same results, unless one is broken. Run the same program on two analog computers, and you'll get two slightly different results, even if both are in perfect working order. (Calculating 2+2 might equal 3.998 on one, and 4.00012 on the other.)

Hypnosis is not magic, it's programming! It's a method used to help people program (or de-program, or re-program) their inner 'personal computer.'  It's a way to quickly and easily improve motivation, focus, and results. In a hypnotic state, changes and adjustments are more easily made by directly contacting and getting the cooperation of the unconscious mind. Skill is necessary, because each mind is different.

Simply going into a hypnotic state doesn't require a hypnotist's help. It's a perfectly normal activity. People involved in any activity requiring focused, laser-like attention are in this state.  Looked at another way, according to psychologists, ordinary people spend an average of 70% of their waking life in unconscious activities. This means, basically, that they have entered hypnosis all by themselves.

There is, indeed, one usual way in which we all actively try to self-program our minds. People are constantly doing this, it's sometimes called 'learning.' But, unfortunately, self-programming correctly is not as easy as it looks. Problems can occur when someone programs their mind to do the wrong things, or programs it to do the right things at the wrong times. 
Good teachers can ease the process, but bad teachers make it worse!

But self-hypnosis/self-programming is much more effective than standard learning processes. A common factor among self-driven successful people is that they have all used some form of self-programming process. They don't think of it that way, of course. They may call it meditation, prayer, self-talk, or just plain willpower. Whatever they call it, they repeatedly visualized the specific form of success they desired, and kept it up until their unconscious helped them to achieve the results they wanted.

In the beginning, I had great difficulty in holding the proper focus while 'stepping outside myself ' in order to train my unconscious mind to do what I wanted it to do. 
It took the help of my friend, Dr. Jim Wand, to enable me to break through my self-imposed barriers. Today, I help others do the same. Many people have similar self-limiting situations, I believe. Otherwise, we would ALL be self-hypnotizing effectively, and becoming more successful people, every day.
I teach people how to do this; and it's a great feeling knowing how much I can help!

As a Master Hypnotist, I lead companies to improve performance, too, by helping their staff improve effectiveness, motivation, and creativity. I coach executives who want to improve their leadership and managerial abilities. 
In short, I help anyone who wants to reach out, use their whole mind, and achieve more; to exceed their previous limitations.

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Professor Jay Tee