Themed Hypnosis Drama Shows!

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Here are descriptions of Professor Jay Tee's successful, exciting Themed Hypnosis™ Drama shows. You can request one of these themes, or suggest your own concept for a drama!
Rise of the Robots

war robots

Intelligent robots are rising in rebellion, and only a rag-tag band of would-be heroes (the despised few remaining physical laborers) can save the human race from utter annihilation. Will these former social rejects work together well enough to do it? Will they even want to save the civilization that spawned their misery?

jinja night mod 2

Whether you believe in it or not, the Spirit World is closer than you think. Professor Jay Tee carries out an ancient Japanese ritual that opens a rift between our worlds… but this time, the ghosts don’t want to go back to being dead! Will our brave volunteers help him get it closed again in time?


Enjoy the wintertime for a change by jetting off to Tahiti, on an all-expense paid trip. Ah, just warm sun and sand. And it feels extra wonderful in the wintertime… But there are surprises and dangers along the way for our jet-lagged volunteers.

3d_horror_text_effectzombie experience

The world has changed overnight as a small piece of a comet smashes into the Earth. And the impacting comet introduced an unknown virus that is causing even more problems than the explosion.

3d_ice_text_effectwinter wonderland

Let’s all go skiing and enjoy the drifting, powder snow high in the Himalayan Mountains. Forget the summer heat outside; don’t you feel the chill wind and the snow stinging your face? But helicopter skiing in an unmarked wild area takes on a whole new urgency when you’re being chased down the mountain by an huge white monster!


Santa’s reindeer are being playful, have hidden their name harnesses, and are not answering to their names. Since he can’t tell them apart, Santa doesn’t know how to rig the sleigh! And unless he gets the balance right, the sleigh might tip over and drop all the children’s presents into the Arctic Ocean. Can the audience help Santa match each reindeer with the correct harness and get the presents on their way?

(Your Own Concept)

question marks

Come up with your own idea! Nearly any real or imaginary place or theme can be implemented.
Common themes from your favorite books and movies make for excellent Themed Hypnosis™ Drama shows, and will be adapted-on-the-spot by Professor Jay Tee to match your audience and volunteers.
Please present your concept idea while booking, so that it can be passed along to Jay Tee promptly, and developed before show time!

Drama Made Just for You!

Professor Jay Tee customizes every Themed Hypnosis™ drama show to your specifications: he is aiming for a perfect fit to the audience, the situation, the location, and the event's main purpose. Please feel free to give any suggestions you wish! Jay Tee will fit them in if possible.

The Maturity Level, or movie-type "rating" of Themed Hypnosis™ shows is determined by the Buyer at the time of ordering. You can choose anything from family friendly "G"-rated shows, and can go all the way up from there. Once the show rating has been decided, Jay Tee will enforce it with the audience and the volunteer members. If Volunteers fail to comply with  Jay Tee's instructions from the Buyer on this matter, those people will be removed from the rest of the show by Professor Jay Tee.

Most simple buyer requests can be integrated. However, if you wish to incorporate specific hypnotic change suggestions into a Themed Hypnosis™ show, please be aware that 1) non-"fun" suggestions may not always be followed in an event presented as a just-for-fun comedy show 2) hypnotic volunteers may become wary and stop responding to Jay Tee's suggestions at all [ruining the show.]

You can do this much more easily and safely with one of Professor Jay Tee's Hypnotic Marvels™ programs, because the audience is fully aware that changes will be made, and they will be eager to get on with it once Jay Tee helps them to understand the benefits for themselves!

Professor Jay Tee is waiting to help you plan your next event to include a Themed Hypnosis™ comedy show!

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