Castle-Building 101

It's always seems hard to change your life. We all want more, yet we have trouble making ourselves do the things that we want to do, sometimes desperately!

I'm Professor Jay Tee, a Master Hypnotist and an expert on the mind, so let me tell you something about yourself:

  • You're NOT lazy 
  • You're NOT stupid
  • You're NOT unable to make changes
  • You're NOT alone!

Ignore those people giving you terrible and unwanted feedback--negative feedback, that has probably been making it even harder to do things the way you want to.
And you often can't blame those people. Some of them probably love and cherish you--but that doesn't mean that they have all the answers!

There is nothing wrong with a person seemingly having two minds; one that wants a change, and one that fights against it.
This is just because of the way your minds operate!

Yes, I said minds, not mind.
You see, we all have multiple internal parts to our minds, that often conflict in what they try to do for us! They disagree and argue with each other, fighting for control of your mind and body; sometimes one wins, and sometimes another...

This is a normal human we are talking about here. Somebody just like you.

My hypnosis skills, expertise, and experience enable me to reach out to, talk to, and help the parts of your mind reach an agreement with each other.
And that allows you to begin to achieve those elusive, perhaps long-sought-after goals!

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