Interviews with Professor Jay Tee, the 21st Century Hypnotist

Yes, Professor Jay Tee would be happy to be a participant in your Radio or TV program, Podcast or Live Stream. Some of you have told us you have the idea that he is never available for interviews. Not true! He is busy, but not unavailable all the time. And he loves interviews!

*EDIT to answer a frequent question* Yes, Jay Tee will do a hypnosis demo during your show! Video is best because the audience can see what's happening, but even on audio someone can describe what is happening to the audience while another person is being hypnotized! Not everyone can be hypnotized, so please have a couple volunteers, if you can. Professor Jay Tee will select the one he thinks best suited--unless several are suitable at the same time!

Contact with the details of your request, so that details of time/date/method/etc. can be arranged.
Please be patient while waiting for a response, as he and his lovely assistant may both be off on a trip, or on a cruise ship, and unable to respond quickly to your inquiry.

The Professor would love to help your listeners/watchers/followers understand how the new methods and techniques of 21st Century Hypnosis can help them rapidly and easily reach goals while removing difficulties from their path!

On your show, he can discuss any facet of his business that you choose: Corporate Improvement, Online Hypnotherapy, Executive/Performance Coaching, Hypnosis Drama shows--or all of them!

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