Is your mind STUCK in a RUT?

Ever try to change a habit? It's difficult precisely because your unconscious (I say Superunconscious) mind is more powerful than your conscious one. The  Superunconscious tries to do what it thinks is best for you, always, but it doesn't always understand what is best, or what you actually want it to do.

Hypnosis is helpful for many situations in which our conscious desire for change and improvement conflicts with unconscious habits, outdated learnings, and unremembered or internal conflicts.

Ever hear the old saying that we only use 10% of our brain? 
Well, it's not true.
We only CONTROL 10% of our brain directly−−the conscious part.

Hypnosis allows the hypnotist to talk to the other 90% of your mind, indirectly, and teach it what YOU want it to do.

Unlike psychotherapy, the hypnotherapist does not need−or want−to know your deep, dark past secrets. They works to resolve your current functional conflicts and behavioral irregularities. The actual context of the behavior, or how it got started, is not even important. You keep your privacy and still improve your life!

During changework, the hypnotist helps your powerful superunconscious mind to become your ally, not your opponent, in changing your life. How you behave, and how you wish to behave, are made to coincide.

Doing something you don't like, but you just can't stop? Convenient, effective online sessions will make quick work of that!

Want to improve something you do? Jay Tee can also help you program your mind to do something better! 

Hypnosis is NOT just for problem times. The hypnosis process is also used to boost the abilities of people who are perfectly satisfied with their lives, but who would like to improve a certain aspect of conscious / superunconscious coordination. 

Top Athletes (including Olympians) use mind control to improve performance, Record-breaking salespeople use it to boost their sales even higher, and public speakers use it to increase their confidence and persuasive abilities.
But you don't have to be famous (yet!) to use the same tools.

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