Creepy Japan Tours™

It's official. Professor Jay Tee is starting his brand new local enterprise this fall, Creepy Japan Tours™ 
Visitors to Japan are going to love it! Or die trying!
It's going to be a Horrific experience, it's going to be a Terrible adventure, and it's actually going to be creating Virtual Reality Nightmares inside people's heads!
All in the name of "Having Fun", of course. But this is the kind of "fun" that might send you to the madhouse, so be as careful as you can.
And good luck--you'll need it to survive!

Welcome to Creepy Japan Tours™, the latest insane innovation by "Mad Professor" Jay Tee!

Travel to visit Power Spots and the actual locations of Supernatural Events that have occurred in ancient
--and even recent--Japanese history.


What happens in a Creepy Japan Tour™?
  • As each tour starts, Professor Jay Tee hypnotically prepares Your Minds to receive, accept and experience the supernatural for yourselves!
  • Your group will hear stories of various hideous deeds and terrible happenings, as you travel to visit the actual locations!
  • Groups visiting each Power Spot will often have their own eerie, supernatural experiences 
  • People will learn to sense good--and evil--entities coming across to the Sekai (our world) from the Makai (underworld)
  • Cameras and videocameras may freely be used to document your own strange discoveries.
    You may be surprised what you can capture on film and on audio!
Creepy Japan Tours™ will be available soon in Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka. Contact us at for more details, if you are visiting Japan soon.

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