The Mind Controls the Body, and Itself!

Too many people live their lives in a state of competition--with themselves!

In school, we learned the basics--that the mind controls the body, and that the body can affect the mind, too. But our teachers didn't show us how to make changes in the mind and the body, to help them perform in the most effective ways.
Why not? Because they didn't know how, either!

Anatomy diagrams of the human brain show neatly labeled parts performing various functions. But the functions shown in the diagrams are uselessly vague. They also have zero connection to how we Experience life and Use our MINDS.

The traditional image of the mind, for the last century, was that it had two or three competing parts. What the parts were named and what they did depended on who was talking. There were the ID and EGO, maybe something called the SUPEREGO, and more simply the CONSCIOUS was set against the SUBCONSCIOUS.

All of these 20th Century mind "parts" models are bullshit. Simply put, they are mere philosophical models with no evidence other than hearsay and the problems and situations told by clients often had to be forced to "fit into" the therapists models.

I've thrown out all the old models and made my own model of the mind, one that works remarkably well. I've tested it in therapy AND on stage, on THOUSANDS of people. Maybe it's bullshit, too, to someone else. But it works very well for me and my clients. And that's all I care about.

My new model allows clients to TAKE CONTROL of the competing parts of their mind, and INDUCE CHANGE in both the mind and the body, to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS without taking years to do it!

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