Zombies and Demons and Ghosts, oh my!

The Osaka Halloween show was a lot of fun! And Professor Jay Tee's next show will be even better.
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Most People Think they Think Well--but they Don't!

Why can't human's keep their minds focused on ONE thing at a time?
I have to stop and laugh when I hear someone say that they are busy Multitasking, or read a classified job listing asking for people who can multitask.

Multitasking? We don't do anything ELSE.
Multitasking people are about as rare as people with red blood.

Multitasking is NOT an ability to be proud of, it's a terrible problem! 

Research shows that multitasking REDUCES your efficiency in each task you are doing at the same time. Some of the tasks degrade practically to zero efficiency--so why bother? People should learn to split their time and focus on each thing 100%, and complete them one at a time, with a high degree of efficiency for each!

One must learn to FOCUS one's mind instead of multitask, for true rewards.

Our minds are constantly impacting us with tidbits of information, whether we like it or not.
Present sense data, past remembrances, and future hopes and fears are all tangled and forcing themselves into our consciousness even as we try to push them aside.

The act of pushing mental distractions away will often make the distractions become stronger and more insistent.

All this happens while we are trying to concentrate on a certain task in the present. This is why the human mind cannot truly focus well on more than one thing at a time. We don't do that very well at all! But focus is not just an inborn talent--you have it, or you don't.

Focus is a skill that can be learned and improved with the proper knowledge and guidance.

There are many theories of the mind, and they all have their various uses. Professor Jay Tee's own Theory of the Cluster Mind explains WHY we don't focus well, and details HOW anyone can Improve the way their mind functions through the use of Directed Hypnosis...

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Halloween Hijinks!

Coming up Next!

I look forward to joining everybody at the Sugar Ultra Lounge in Osaka on October 28th.
I'm going to help people "See Real Ghosts" at the Halloween party, along about 10:00pm. But get there EARLY so I can select who will participate!


I've just learned an Ancient Japanese Ritual to release spirits from the underworld... It was taught to me by the last member of a disappearing Buddhist sect. My teacher left the country right after he taught me, but it should be perfectly safe... at least that's what he told me!

Volunteering to undergo The Ritual? You won't regret it!You're going to get the chills and MORE as you SEE, HEAR, and FEEL the presence of Real Ghosts around you!

But again, don't worry, undergoing the Ritual of Opening should be perfectly SAFE!
Well, I think so...

Too Chicken to volunteer, yourself? That's okay! Watching the victims... uh, I mean Volunteers, is fun too!

NEW!! NEW!! Improved Ritual! I just learned a way to boost the strength of the Japanese Opening Ritual.
Now EVERYONE, volunteer or not, will see the ghosts on stage at the Sugar Ultra Lounge!

(My teacher said not to do it, but what does he know about it, anyhow? And he's gone away, so it's not like he is going to be there to blame me...)

It's gonna be a great party at Sugar, so you MUST come and join us!

Professor Jay Tee

The Law of Attraction is total bullshit...

A "Law" that is merely Fuzzy Thinking

Why do I hate the concept of the "Law of Attraction" so much? Because the "Law" says that you can be lazy, do nothing at all, and the world (actually the whole universe!) will reward you for your laziness because you dreamed hard enough! Sorry, but that's not how the universe works.

And this so-called "Law of Attraction" distracts ordinary people from taking REAL and EFFECTIVE measures to improve their life and the circumstances around them!

Yes, I can see that the "Law of Attraction" discourages its believers from taking actual, positive steps and actions to truly make their world, and our shared world, a better place! It's basic principles suggest that real actions aren't necessary.

The current batch of gurus tell people that they merely have to wish harder to get what they want, and that if things don't work out--
Well, then they must wish even harder (by sending the gurus money, purchasing their books, DVDs, and seminars, etc)!

Rewards take Hard Work

It would be nice to get something for nothing--and that's just what the "Law" promises. And once in a great, great while, something good will happen by pure coincidence while the "Law" believers are doing their chanting. Such a "success" will be touted as "proof" of the accuracy of the "Law."

Never mind the thousands, or millions, or failures. Those are merely ignored, or considered to show that those believers didn't do X hard enough or well enough, whatever X is said to be by the "Law" gurus of the particular year. (And go buy something else to achieve your success.)

Treasures take Correct Actions

I'm not a guru of the "Law of Attraction" as you can tell. I know that achieving things in life takes hard work. The reason most people don't achieve as much as they wish to in life is that their MINDS are divided and in self-conflict.

I'm a master hypnotist. I know the human mind, including yours. And I know the ways to help YOU begin to make real, permanent changes and improvements in your life. No bullshit here.

Like you, at first I didn't believe in hypnosis, but I've learned over the years that hypnosis is just a technique, using the normal way the mind works, to help people do something in different ways than they usually do. 

On stage, that means I help people do something cool and funny, but not too embarrassing, that entertains the audience.

In online hypnosis therapy, that means I help you make rapid changes that seem like they come "from out of nowhere," as one of my clients recently said.
Painless changes, that improve how you think, how you feel, and what you can do with your future life.

Stop Wishing Pointlessly, Take Action Now

Take the correct action today and book Professor Jay Tee, to assist you in making the best decisions and taking the best actions of your life.

Stop that useless wishing-for-something and let me teach you how to work-for-something in the best and most effective way possible...

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