Halloween Hijinks!

Coming up Next!

I look forward to joining everybody at the Sugar Ultra Lounge in Osaka on October 28th.
I'm going to help people "See Real Ghosts" at the Halloween party, along about 10:00pm. But get there EARLY so I can select who will participate!


I've just learned an Ancient Japanese Ritual to release spirits from the underworld... It was taught to me by the last member of a disappearing Buddhist sect. My teacher left the country right after he taught me, but it should be perfectly safe... at least that's what he told me!

Volunteering to undergo The Ritual? You won't regret it!You're going to get the chills and MORE as you SEE, HEAR, and FEEL the presence of Real Ghosts around you!

But again, don't worry, undergoing the Ritual of Opening should be perfectly SAFE!
Well, I think so...

Too Chicken to volunteer, yourself? That's okay! Watching the victims... uh, I mean Volunteers, is fun too!

NEW!! NEW!! Improved Ritual! I just learned a way to boost the strength of the Japanese Opening Ritual.
Now EVERYONE, volunteer or not, will see the ghosts on stage at the Sugar Ultra Lounge!

(My teacher said not to do it, but what does he know about it, anyhow? And he's gone away, so it's not like he is going to be there to blame me...)

It's gonna be a great party at Sugar, so you MUST come and join us!

Professor Jay Tee