Most People Think they Think Well--but they Don't!

Why can't human's keep their minds focused on ONE thing at a time?
I have to stop and laugh when I hear someone say that they are busy Multitasking, or read a classified job listing asking for people who can multitask.

Multitasking? We don't do anything ELSE.
Multitasking people are about as rare as people with red blood.

Multitasking is NOT an ability to be proud of, it's a terrible problem! 

Research shows that multitasking REDUCES your efficiency in each task you are doing at the same time. Some of the tasks degrade practically to zero efficiency--so why bother? People should learn to split their time and focus on each thing 100%, and complete them one at a time, with a high degree of efficiency for each!

One must learn to FOCUS one's mind instead of multitask, for true rewards.

Our minds are constantly impacting us with tidbits of information, whether we like it or not.
Present sense data, past remembrances, and future hopes and fears are all tangled and forcing themselves into our consciousness even as we try to push them aside.

The act of pushing mental distractions away will often make the distractions become stronger and more insistent.

All this happens while we are trying to concentrate on a certain task in the present. This is why the human mind cannot truly focus well on more than one thing at a time. We don't do that very well at all! But focus is not just an inborn talent--you have it, or you don't.

Focus is a skill that can be learned and improved with the proper knowledge and guidance.

There are many theories of the mind, and they all have their various uses. Professor Jay Tee's own Theory of the Cluster Mind explains WHY we don't focus well, and details HOW anyone can Improve the way their mind functions through the use of Directed Hypnosis...

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