Zombies for Christmas?!?

Zombies for Christmas? Seems like a bad deal to us... Frankly, we'd recommend the Santa's Bad Reindeer Hypnosis Drama Show.

And we can just hear the song remake now:
"I'm gettin' Zombies for Christmas! Mommy and Daddy are Dead... Yes, I'm gettin' Zombies for Christmas! and I'm going to bite off your head!!"

But that's a direct request for a private Christmas party Professor Jay Tee is doing in Tokyo, Japan in December: Zombies.

It seems the client came to Professor Jay Tee's Halloween Hypnosis Show in Osaka (see video below). She loved it so much she wants to see her friends turned into Zombies, too!

And after all, the Client is always right. Right? Well, most of the time, anyhow!

Halloween Show in Osaka by superunconscious