Holiday Happiness Online Weight Loss Program

Personal Hypnotherapy via
Internet Video,
a 60 Minute session
that will change your life!

Powerful, Professional Online Personal Hypnotherapy from a renowned worldwide master hypnotist -- done right in the comfort and safety of your own home!

This method is more effective than face-to-face therapy sessions, because of the intimate, yet comfortable setting... in your own home.

How does online hypnotherapy for weight loss work?

Your session with Professor Jay Tee takes about 60 minutes, including interview, mental preparation and the actual hypnosis session or sessions. Followup sessions (if any) also take about an hour, but more of it is in-trance therapy time.

Professor Jay Tee will make the changes necessary, train you in your "homework" (i.e. self-hypnosis followup support), and that's it! You will be able to see yourself in a new light, and be able to control your mind and body better than ever before!

Benefits of Professor Jay Tee's
Holiday Happiness Online Weight Loss Program: 

  • BLAST THAT BRAIN! Stop what you hate doing, start what you need to do
  • WASTE THAT WAIST! Behavior changes happen faster than you ever expected
  • ZAP THAT GUT! Changes happen "all by themselves" when you aren't paying attention
  • TRAIN THAT BRAIN! Improve your life in little ways, often improve it in bigger ways you 
  • didn't even ask for!
  • TWIST THAT BELLY! No pain, no gain? Bull. No pain, great gains is normal! Cravings are eliminated, as your unconscious learns to support what you really need.  

  1. Lose Weight and Keep It Off!
  2. Achieve YOUR weight goals faster and easier than ever before-
  3. Keep those Pounds OFF

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Free Your Mind, and Change Your Body--

Change Your Mind and Find Yourself!

Hypnotist Reaches New Milestone!

Professor Jay Tee has now helped more than 500 people stop smoking with the Power of their Own Minds using Hypnosis!

Over the past several years, Professor Jay Tee has seen hundreds of Online Hypnosis clients, has had a few clients near his home in Kobe, Japan, and he has traveled on cruise ships and by airplane to give hypnosis seminars and shows in Australia and across the Asia area. Wherever he goes, he uses the opportunity to help people.

The Professor has now helped literally thousands of people with chronic pain, medical issues, weight loss, stress issues, and more using hypnosis--
including helping more than 500 people Quit Smoking Tobacco Forever!

Join the Happy Quitter's Club and help Jay Tee reach 1,000 even more quickly!

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In-Vitro Fertilization Preparation

In-Vitro Fertilization Preparation --Increase your Chances of Success!

As your mind goes, so goes your body!

This is a TWO-hour session combining 1)an hour of counseling and preparation with 2)up to an hour of Powerful ONLINE Hypnosis by the 21st Century Hypnotist. You will become fully mentally prepared, and your mind will help your body physically prepare for the processes of IVF egg retrieval and embryo implantation.
Hypnotic Mental preparation for IVF really works! 
Here's what a prior client said afterward: 
Dear Professor, Thank you so much for the last session. I felt much more relaxed and less pain after that, and the next week's egg retrieval went well, and we got a great number of eggs. Your session worked amazingly! 
As you come to fully understand how your body and mind work together during the experience, you will be able to cooperate with the process, and achieve a better result. Simple self-hypnosis methods (included FREE as part of this session), will allow you to have a stress-free, worry-free, painless or reduced-pain IVF process.
Get the child you wish easier and with less worry and pain! 
Good for you, the child. and even your mate! As your worry, fear and strain decrease, any strains on your relationship will be released as well. 

Hypnotic Birth Preparedness

Hypnotic Birth Preparedness --Reduce pain & worry while building confidence!
Let Professor Jay Tee set you up for a smooth, worry-free experience while welcoming your new child. 
This is a TWO-hour online session combining 1) an hour of counseling and preparation with 2) up to an hour of Powerful Online Hypnosis by the 21st Century Hypnotist.

Hypnotic Birth preparation really works!
As you come to fully understand how your body and mind work together during the experience, your confidence and capacity for self-control will grow. By allowing the hypnotic training to grow within you, and by utilizing the simple self-hypnosis methods (included FREE as part of this sesson), you will be able spend the rest of your pregnancy preparing for a stress-free, worry-free, painless or reduced-pain welcoming of the little one!
Good for you, good for the child. and even good for your mate! As your worry, fear and strain decrease, the strains on your relationship will be released as well.
WAS $500 US for the 2-hour session --NOW ONLY $350.00! 

Memory Recovery

Online Hypnotic Memory Recovery --Find out what REALLY happened!

A Powerful one-hour ONLINE Hypnosis session of Hypnotic Memory Recovery by the 21st Century Hypnotist!

This session is to recover memories that have been repressed (or are being actively blocked) from your conscious mind's access.

Such amnesia (creation of hidden memories) can be often spontaneously caused by extremely stressful life events. Therefore, all Professor Jay Tee memory recovery sessions use special mental techniques that "block out" your feelings and emotions during recall to prevent any additional trauma. You will remember, but not suffer as a result of remembering.

Amnesia may also be caused by previous hypnotic tampering. The techniques Professor Jay Tee uses will easily overcome any internal mental conditioning, even if it was intentionally put in place by someone to prevent recall. (Yes, this works even if the mind was tampered with to prevent further hypnosis from being performed!)

Professor Jay Tee has developed special hypnotic methods that allow the recovery of real memories without causing your unconscious to create non-real memories to satisfy a suggestion. You will recall your real memories, not fantasies!

Professor Jay Tee recommends that you DO NOT undergo this procedure for any purpose other than recovering the truth for yourself! NOTE: in some areas, merely undergoing any hypnosis process may cause the subject's testimony to be disallowed in court cases, whether related or non-related to the issue being examined.

Get your memories back! Get your life back!

All for a Low Price of $200 US!