Hypnotic Birth Preparedness

Hypnotic Birth Preparedness --Reduce pain & worry while building confidence!
Let Professor Jay Tee set you up for a smooth, worry-free experience while welcoming your new child. 
This is a TWO-hour online session combining 1) an hour of counseling and preparation with 2) up to an hour of Powerful Online Hypnosis by the 21st Century Hypnotist.

Hypnotic Birth preparation really works!
As you come to fully understand how your body and mind work together during the experience, your confidence and capacity for self-control will grow. By allowing the hypnotic training to grow within you, and by utilizing the simple self-hypnosis methods (included FREE as part of this sesson), you will be able spend the rest of your pregnancy preparing for a stress-free, worry-free, painless or reduced-pain welcoming of the little one!
Good for you, good for the child. and even good for your mate! As your worry, fear and strain decrease, the strains on your relationship will be released as well.
WAS $500 US for the 2-hour session --NOW ONLY $350.00!