In-Vitro Fertilization Preparation

In-Vitro Fertilization Preparation --Increase your Chances of Success!

As your mind goes, so goes your body!

This is a TWO-hour session combining 1)an hour of counseling and preparation with 2)up to an hour of Powerful ONLINE Hypnosis by the 21st Century Hypnotist. You will become fully mentally prepared, and your mind will help your body physically prepare for the processes of IVF egg retrieval and embryo implantation.
Hypnotic Mental preparation for IVF really works! 
Here's what a prior client said afterward: 
Dear Professor, Thank you so much for the last session. I felt much more relaxed and less pain after that, and the next week's egg retrieval went well, and we got a great number of eggs. Your session worked amazingly! 
As you come to fully understand how your body and mind work together during the experience, you will be able to cooperate with the process, and achieve a better result. Simple self-hypnosis methods (included FREE as part of this session), will allow you to have a stress-free, worry-free, painless or reduced-pain IVF process.
Get the child you wish easier and with less worry and pain! 
Good for you, the child. and even your mate! As your worry, fear and strain decrease, any strains on your relationship will be released as well.