Aikinosis™ for Bad Habits

Just had my interview about Aikinosis—the ideal way to Transform Bad Habits into good ones—published in the Huffington Post! Click this link or the pic to read it for yourself.

Aikinosis™ is my fantastic new hypnosis technique that works best on the worst habits you may have. In fact, the stronger the bad habit, the more easily it is transformed into a good habit!
I've been developing and perfecting this method for years, and it's ready for the prime time.

Many people want to know: Who should use Aikinosis™? Who will it work for?

Aikinosis™ will work for you if:

  • you've tried everything to lose weight/stop smoking/become calm/make other changes and nothing worked at all
  • you made changes at first, but a short time later, you found yourself doing the same old bad habits again!
  • you've never tried hypnosis because you think your mind is too strong to be hypnotized
  • you have tried self-hypnosis before and it didn't work
  • a hypnotist (even a professional) tried to hypnotize you and it didn't work
  • you are sick and tired of being stuck in the same bad behavior!
  • you are ready to move on with your life 
  • you want your whole mind to work with you, not against you!

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