Milestone: a Quarter of a Million Views-- in only Four Months!

Holy Moly!

Thank you for your strong support., home of the World-Renowned "21st Century Hypnotist" has just passed having 250,000 unique pageviews in only the last four months!

Professor Jay Tee, creator of Themed Hypnosis™, Hypnotic Marvels™, and Aikinosis™ is thrilled to make such an impact on the world with his shows and therapy:

Thrilled? Frankly, I'm stunned! I didn't realize there are so many people out there searching for something that can help --like my online hypnotherapy. Although I love giving stage shows and making people laugh, I'm proud of my ability to still deliver successful corporate change programs and individualized online therapy at the same time. I'll be working hard to make certain I help as many more people as I can. Thank you all so much for supporting my efforts!   Jay Tee
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