Relaxation & Reduce Stress now available on mp3 or CD

Relaxation/Reduce Stress Hypnosis (Full version)

This outstanding hypnosis set by the famous Professor Jay Tee enables you to let go of your stress, from any source. Your mind will learn how to make you a more relaxed person.

Each time you use it, your ability to throw off stress will improve! Don’t worry, be happy! This audio hypnosis set was created by the famous "21st Century Hypnotist" Professor Jay Tee.

The hypnotic inductions and suggestions embedded in it have been carefully crafted, recorded, and merged with appropriate music and sound backgrounds to enable your mind to make the changes you have been wanting. Those changes you have been needing for a better life, but failing to make without help. Even though you try, and try again.

Professor Jay Tee knows exactly what it's like to want to change, fail, and fail again. His life used to be just like that before he discovered the power of hypnosis and put it to work for himself. Now he's much more balanced inside. Not only is he making a great living, but he has built himself a new life worth living, too.

Finally, you can experience the mental "twists" of hypnosis, get the help you need, and you will have all the expertise of Professor Jay Tee directed at making your needs come true. His 20 years+ experience in the field have enabled him to create the most effective and powerful hypnosis recordings available anywhere. All at an unbelievably low price, too. 

Professor Jay Tee normally charges nearly U.S. $200.00 for a one-hour online session, and much more to help remove particularly stubborn bad habits (like smoking). 

This mp3 set costs a mere fraction of a personal session, and with repeated use it will be able to help you make positive life changes all by yourself. Good night, 
pleasant dreams!

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More audio hypnosis from Professor Jay Tee is coming soon.

About hypnosis by Professor Jay Tee (in-person or by electronic means) Professor Jay Tee’s hypnotherapy is an excellent choice for:
• changing unwanted behaviors
• improving performance
• altering inappropriate responses to stimuli

Professor Jay Tee’s hypnotherapy is NOT:
• guaranteed to create results in every case
• a replacement for professional medical treatment for serious/life-threatening conditions

Required (by law) Legal Rambling: 
Professor Jay Tee’s hypnosis therapy falls under the category of alternative therapies, and should work in conjunction with, not as a replacement for, professional medical help! 

**NOTE**During any live session, if you are discovered to have a serious medical or psychological condition and are not receiving/have not received proper medical treatment, you may be referred to the proper medical/mental specialist, and you will not be able to continue your session. There is no refund in this case, so please openly discuss any condition that may apply before your session begins.

Please be aware that your own full effort and cooperation are required for successful results! Full cooperation with therapeutic recommendations will magnify the positive effect of your therapy. 
Professor Jay Tee often refers to this as your "homework."

Payment is for therapy as given, not for your personal results. Guarantees of services are not a guarantee of results. Like doctors, lawyers, and other skilled professionals, therapists are paid for their time and effort on your behalf. Success is not guaranteed. P.S. This is Professor Jay Tee. I hate this legal schmegal, too. Basically, it means this:
  • I can't help you if you need a doctor/shrink and haven't seen one.
  • You need to work with me to make anything happen!
  • I charge for my working time, just like any professional.
  • I may guarantee more sessions if you need more help, but it is not honest (at all!) to guarantee results, so I don't.
Thanks for understanding. Jay Tee