Afraid to Fly? Fix Your Mind Before Bedtime

Professor Jay Tee releases an exciting new way to erase the fear of airplanes while safely at home

First you need to know that you’re not alone, by any means. Most people admit to some amount of discomfort, when they allow themselves to think about it. And severe fear of flying is not exactly rare. According to the National Institute ofMental Health, a profound fear of flying, professionally called aviophobia, affects some 6.5 percent of the population of the United States. Now you know, that you have more than 21 million companions with sweaty palms. Professor Jay Tee says he is going to change that, for thousands of people. 

"Any unreasonable fear limits what you can do with your life,” he says. “The ball-and-chain of an unjustified fear keeps you down, prevents you from doing what other people can do. It makes you less competitive in life. Useless limits can create significant costs.” Can you give an example?

“Let’s say you have severe aviophobia. You’ve probably already experienced many negative effects. A common problem is that you needed to travel rapidly because of a job’s requirements, and you just couldn’t do it, so you had to choose a different job,” Jay Tee explained. “Even when it meant less pay and less benefits. You may have lost out on a golden opportunity to someone who can simply perform as required. Someone whose mind was more cooperative with itself, internally.” But surely it’s not all about the money?

“No, not at all. Aviophobia has severe negative social effects, too. In modern society, families don’t stay living in one neighborhood. Or, rather, the neighborhood has grown to be the size of the entire country. Now we travel to visit family by airplane, rather than on foot,” the Professor observed. “Jessica, a former client of mine, had a tremendous fear of airplanes. She drove from Detroit to Los Angeles every holiday to spend time with her grandchildren. She had to drive, even though it took the same number of days instead of hours to get across the country and back! And Jessica already knew that driving a car is far more dangerous than taking an airplane…”

“Some people say just toughen up and do it. But it’s not that way with fear,” Professor Jay Tee warns. “Pushing past a powerful fear is almost impossible. You need some form of assistance; it‘s almost like our minds demand outside help. Cognitive Behavior therapy and other psychotherapies can be effective, but are costly and open-ended, taking months or even years to work. Hypnosis is much better; Jessica had a single online session with me five years ago, and she has loved flying to L.A. instead of driving ever since then! But for some my fee still feels too expensive, or perhaps seeing someone is just too embarrassing.” Where can people turn? Is there a low-cost, yet effective solution to remove fears?

“Now there is! We’ve just released a new Master-Quality Audio Hypnosis Program, the Joy of Flying. It’s carefully crafted to break through the barriers and create change inside a person’s mind using my new hypnosis method called Aikinosis™,” Jay Tee explained. “With repeated listening, just before bedtime, the suggestions will deeply take root inside the person’s unconscious mind. Then they will begin to remove and rewrite over the unreasonable fear of airplanes. Similar programs are being written now for other excessive fears, such as fear of dentists, doctors, heights, and the like. For the price of dinner out, you can rewrite the programs of your mind, safely at home.”

Make powerful change in your mind and improve your life without embarrassment, without privacy worries, and without spending a fortune. 
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