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Valentine's Day is just Around the Corner

Make this Valentine's Day special

You know I'm going to say that love (or lust) is all in your mind. But you may feel it is somewhere... lower down.
Be that as it may, you want to have the mind of your partner in top condition to face the challenges of Valentine's Day.

What should you do? Well, Don't Panic.

Prepare the Moment.

Several, actually. Anticipation is what your lover is craving the most. Anticipation of that carefully planned surprise...
You know, that little surprise you have been planning for months, right?

What? No plan for Valentine's Day?NOW you can panic! What are you thinking?

You have been playing that dumb, new smartphone game for three weeks straight, in every possible free moment... but you haven't planned a surprise for your love?
You're in triple-deep doo-doo.

Last-Minute Preparations

It's not too late yet, but you have to hurry. I've collected some lovely ideas for you from around the internet.
And while your devious purchases are making their way to you, you will use the time wisely to plan that surprise, won't you?

Get Away to Be Together

  • Book a nice hotel room just to enjoy the luxury.
    (Pay extra to sleep in late on the next morning. You'll need it!)
    Personally, I love the International Hotel Group,
    but Hilton Hotels are also great,
    or can quickly find you an alternative.
  • Take a quick trip somewhere lovely.
    TripAdvisor will help you find that special place.

Gifts for your Special One

Not enough time (or money) for a vacation away? 
Gifts are great, too.

What does she like? 

  • Flowers (Sounds corny, but still true)
    FTD has been my U.S. choice for years.
    But you should use the eFlorist if you're in the U.K.
  • Clothing
    BooHoo has great designs and young styles
    Or go to Saks Fifth Avenue for a touch of class!

Or... What does he like? 

  • Sexy Lingerie (usually for you to wear, not him!)
    Agent Provocateur
  • Sexy Goods (Face it, what's always on a guy's mind...?)
  • The Newest Electronics and more (Okay, it's not always that!)

Try Using Your Head

What do BOTH of you want?
Whatever you choose to do, I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day, with your loved one.

Professor Jay Tee

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