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Why You Won't Keep Your Resolution—Again

Millions (billions?) of people start every New Year by making promises to themselves… that they won’t keep.
Year after year, some make the same promises: lose weight, stop smoking, be nicer people, learn to deal with stress without getting angry, etc.

Days (or weeks) later these same people will realize that they haven’t kept their commitment to change themselves, if they have even begun at all!
Why do these poor people fail? Why can’t they keep their self-promise? Is it that their willpower is too weak? Or, are they lying about wanting to change?

No, not at all! They seriously, truly want change, yet they truly can’t do it, through no fault of their own.
I’m Professor Jay Tee, Master Hypnotist and Online Hypnotherapist, and my business is all about change. This is not an unfamiliar situation to me.

Most of my online hypnotherapy clients were in similar situations when they got in contact with me. Thousands of people, who couldn't change what they wanted most to change about themselves. And not one of them was crazy, or weak, or stupid. They were merely human.

Let’s take a deeper look at the problem of change-resistance, and why people will always have to deal with it!

We all know people who say “I really want to (stop smoking, lose weight)… I’m so determined!” And they really mean it, too!
But they don’t achieve their goal. They don’t make the change they really want. And when they don’t do it, "failure mode" sets in, and they stop trying anymore. They go back to smoking, drinking, losing their temper easily, or whatever the unwanted behavior was, be cause they "can't stop themselves" from doing it.

The problem is, one part of your mind (the conscious mind) wants change, and other parts of your mind (unconscious parts) don’t want to change.

And the one thing I know for certain is that your unconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind!

My business is getting your unconscious to AGREE WITH your conscious mind's desires, and convince it to help you, instead of standing in your way. Once that takes place, there is no more "resistance" to change and improvement.
The "brick wall" disappears instantly, and it becomes a well-lighted path to a better future.

Book a session of Online Hypnotherapy with Professor Jay Tee. I am a professional with over 20 years of experience in helping people a lot like you. I have helped thousands to make the life improvements that they truly wanted, but they couldn't seem to make themselves do. 

And now, you understand exactly why they couldn't. And maybe you understand why you couldn't do it, either.

I hope to talk to you soon, for a single online hypnosis session to change your life for the better.

Professor Jay Tee

P.S. Got a question, or you simply aren't certain I can help with your issue?  (You'd be surprised what I've helped people with, though!)

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