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Our Awesome Agent

A well-respected entertainment agent in the USA does our bookings internationally. They'll be handling all our hypnosis cruise shows and performances/seminars taking place outside Japan.

Please book through our professional representative:

Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC
P.O. Box 371059
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
702.228.8300 office

February Hypnosis News now going out!

Starting with the February issue, Hypnosis News is being sent out to newsletter subscribers only.  We know that hundreds or more have been reading it through shares from subscribers, and via our posts on FB and Twitter, but this can no longer continue, we are sorry.

That's right. If you wish to read future issues of Hypnosis News (which will still provide as much useful information about your own mind, including Professor Jay Tee's upcoming series of detailed posts about the functions of the human mind, "Mind Control in the 21st Century")
you must sign up to receive the newsletter!
(Link here:

Due to recent events, the Hypnosis News will no longer be shared/shareable outside our private mailing list!

(Yes, it still remains FREE to sign up for HN, but privacy and security concerns have led us to take this step. Thank you for understanding.)


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