You may book worldwide shows and seminars through your choice of the following agencies:

IN Entertainment, Steve Nagy



Garston Entertainments, Ltd., Jo Day



It's actually our preference to be booked through a professional agent; they are worth every penny for their services.

Please be aware that booking direct saves no money at your end. We charge the same for s show or seminar either way. However, going through an agent gives the booking person or company (you) constant contact with a professional organizer (the agent).

That can be important, because when I'm traveling, it's not that easy to get a hold of me directly to notify me of changes, delays, etc. That goes double when my assistant travels with me.

However, if you want to pay the same amount of money to not have a professional agent to contact at almost any time and work with easily, feel free to email us at

Hmm... I'm sure that's treatable with online hypnotherapy.

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