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Hundreds of Audio Hypnosis Titles now available

Okay, I admit it; I'm just too busy with my oustanding shows and hypnosis seminars to stay at home and produce more of my Master-quality Audio Hypnosis titles. They're all still available at the link above. But I'm not going to spend time making any more.

So how can I have hundreds of hypnosis titles available? 

Because I found some superb hypnosis professionals who have been making quality products available online for years. Mark Tyrell and his crew at Hypnosis Downloads spend all of their time making quality hypnosis products available. So why should I re-invent the wheel?

Be advised that their hypnosis methods are NOT the same as mine. But I've vetted them: bought some of their products and checked them out, in other words. The hypnosis sessions available from Hypnosis Downloads are the REAL DEAL. There is no scamming, no BS, and they are knowledgeable professionals interested in helping you improve your life through the power of hypnosis.

And they have HUNDREDS of titles available. Titles are customized to work on ONE THING  and one thing only. They are FOCUSED and TARGETED in the same way that I target my own hypnosis sessions online.

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Or you can just browse their HUGE list of over 800 audio hypnosis titles.
I can't compete with that!

And if what you want to fix STILL isn't on the list, remember you can always make an appointment for Professor Jay Tee's Online Hypnotherapy!