Corporate Training

Hypnotic Marvels are an amazing blend of cutting-edge psychological training and human mind programming, combined with good-old-fashioned fun with hypnosis! Help your company employees to have fun while improving their mental skills!
Whether they volunteer or not, Attendees become empowered to step forward and Achieve what they couldn't even Believe before! 
Professor Jay Tee explains how the human mind works, the best ways to create and maintain changes, and more. The following Hypnotic reprogramming session assists the attendees in making the desired changes happen rapidly and easily.

There are many possible themes which training can be targeted toward.

Here are some that Jay Tee has utilized for other companies:

Building a M.O.A.T around your company
Powers of the Mind
Escape from Your Head
Smash Down the Brick Walls
Building a New World

Work/Life Balancing Act
Confident Decision Making
Sales Mindset Reset
Dream Castles 101
Where You Think, You’re Going!

Prismatic Charisma
Insanely Confident & Fearless
Mindfulness versus Hypnosis
Laser-like Focus

Creativity Explosion

This program has been developed over the last 10 years to maximize change and activate locked potentials in attendees. Professor Jay Tee has given this program to more than 60 companies in Asia and Australia (glance at the logo montage below to see some previous companies).

This outstanding program facilitates targeted change in people. Self-hypnosis training is provided (at no extra charge), to teach how to maintain and even improve upon the positive mental states acquired during the program presentation.

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Help your people change for the better and become the new Hypnotic Marvels™ of your company soon.

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Professor Jay Tee