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PJT Hypnosis Training finally available

Professor Jay is now available for hypnosis mentoring, if you'd like to come visit us here in Kobe, Japan for 3 full days.

  • You'll get unlimited follow-up, coaching, and guidance over the next six months as you set up your new hypnotherapy practice and/or start doing hypnosis comedy shows. 
  • You get a direct contact to Jay Tee for all your questions—and he'll do his best to help you out! 
Simply contact our office at for more details, to sign up and to schedule your amazing hypnosis training.

But what if you don't want to/can't afford the $5,000 US flat rate that our program costs to simply find out if you like doing hypnosis?
Fortunately, there are easier and cheaper ways to begin than hiring me!

(Not that our one-on-one training is too expensive, mind you! You're going to fly home with a complete set of training that will immediately enable you to start working in the lucrative field of hypnosis entertainment in your local area. And you can expand from there. I did.)

But, there's also a lot of crap out there on the internet. There are scams and people waiting to take your money in other ways, too.

How can you find a reputable way to learn basic hypnosis?

Professor Jay Tee recommends starting with the following simple email training program. It's totally FREE, and it won't spam you, either. You can easily unsubscribe at any time, if the class doesn't give you what you expected.

You will receive a series of emails over five days. Merely by following the tips and suggestions in them, you will learn how to do a basic hypnosis session: induction, suggestions, and wakeup.

No, this program won't make you into a professional hypnotist! But you can get your feet wet, try it out, and learn if you would like to begin spending real money on learning a fantastic new mental skill.

Yes, along the way there will be offers for hypnosis training through a friend of mine, Mark Tyrell (that's why the email is FREE, of course).
He is an excellent teacher of hypnosis. You can get a solid grounding of theory, methods of practice, and etc. from his courses. But you never have to spend any money unless you want to.
And, Mark Tyrell is not a scammer; I know him as a respected hypnosis professional.

After his training, of course, you are always welcome to come back and hire me for mentoring once you're truly ready to excel as a professional!

IMPORTANT: Professor Jay Tee's
Beginning Hypnotists's Tip 
DO NOT start to practice hypnosis by trying to hypnotize close friends or family. They are actually much harder for a beginner than strangers!
Meet someone new, confidently introduce yourself as a hypnotist, explain a bit how it works, and they are ready.
Enough said. Send for the free Hypnosis Course below and go do it! Your future is waiting.

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