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Legal Crud

Privacy Policy:

We don't share your info with anyone else, or sell it, and do our darnedest not to lose it or let some jerk hack it from our computers.

Refund Policy:

Refunds on Shows: Deposit is considered to be a non-refundable booking fee. Refunds are given for non-appearance.

Guarantee Policy:

Can't guarantee your results for the same reasons other professionals don't. You are not paying for results, because your cooperation and effort are partly responsible for making results happen...

Whenever Professor Jay Tee serves you personally, you are paying for his time and effort to help you, just as with any other professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, architect, etc.
Don't think that is fair? Go and ask a lawyer to guarantee you will win, or to return his expense fees if you don't... Or ask a doctor to return his fee if you don't get better... Jay Tee works the same way.

However, with the Smoke-Free Online Program only, we do guarantee a FREE followup session to reactivate your new nonsmoking habits if you restarted tobacco within six months of your initial session. Free followup sessions must be booked within 9 months of the initial session.

Policy Policy:

Yeah, I hate legal talk, too. Prefer one-on-one real client relationships.
If you don't understand this complicated language, email us at

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