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Professor Jay Tee loves traveling to other countries, eating great food, making neat designs, sharing gorgeous pictures, talking about cool new high-tech products, and having a good time. What's wrong with sharing what you love?

So from now on, we're going to list more products and services on the site, both hypnosis- and non-hypnosis-related. This list will be updated on an irregular basis. (Those of you who receive our newsletter the Hypnosis News will know exactly what we mean by that.)

Note that many of the links on this page are not yet active, so Keep Checking Back for more!

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All of PJT's downloads and CDs are still available, so don't worry.
We've even added over 800 new titles!
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Non-Hypnotic Products & Services

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Motivational and Demotivational Designs on Products

Travel Products and Services

Places to Stay and Enjoy

Gourmet Foods and Great Drink

Electronic Gizmos

Uncategorizable but Really Neat Stuff!

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