Hypnosis Shows

Professor Jay Tee doesn't just do random hypnosis tricks. Most of his shows have a controlling theme or idea.
MANY themes have been developed by Jay Tee so far, and you can even suggest your own ideas!

Themed Hypnosis Drama Shows

(60-90 minutes each)

See Real Ghosts (Halloween)
Santa’s Bad Reindeer (Xmas)
Wintry Wonderland (horror/comedy)
Rise of the Robots (science fiction)
Zombie Experience (horror)

Alien Invasion (comedy version)
Alien Invasion (horror version)
Child’s Play (cute version)
Child’s Play (horror version)
The Gunfighters (Western movie)

Bank Heist (criminal v. cop)
Sorcerer’s Duel (fantasy)
Samurai v. Ninja (Japanese history)
Finding Love is Easy! (romantic comedy)
Air Combat Patrol (military)

Animal Attractions (comedy)
Secret Agent Men/Ladies (spies)
Mind Trips (Tahiti, Antarctica, Moon, etc.)

Many more are possible; suggest your own ideas!

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How do they work? Here are a few example descriptions:
In October, at Halloween, the guests are able to:
That’s right! Using a recovered ancient Japanese ceremony, a few “lucky” people become able to see dead people! All in fun, of course!

In December, Jay Tee hosts Santa Claus and his Flying Reindeer in:
Will the audience be able to help get the presents on their way? Or will the children worldwide have to do without any Christmas gifts this year?

Let's go for a sleigh ride and have some fun skiing together. This is excellent to experience... in the Summertime!

And this is fun in the Wintertime:

But not all themes have to do with the time of year! How about the:

Or the terrible
Will you survive and stay alive? Not the same question when dealing with Zombies!

Have another idea? Let Professor Jay Tee know, and we'll work on it together! 

We develop custom hypnosis events to fit the needs of your customers and your company, too. Let's talk about how I can help you improve your business by making your location more fun for the audience.

Professor Jay Tee is always in the mood to celebrate with you! 

Club shows and parties are always more fun with Professor Jay Tee in the house. Let his brand of wild and crazy entertainment liven up your events! You never know what you or your friends might do...

  • How wild do you want it? Is this an Adults-only show? 
  • Do you want something just a little risque, but not too sexy? 
  • Perhaps you need a family-friendly entertainment? No problem. Kids love hypnosis shows!

Let Professor Jay Tee create the perfect hypnosis show just for you!
Prices vary depending on the venue, the number of guests, and the purpose of the event. There is no minimum size, and no maximum size. Jay Tee has given highly entertaining shows customized for all kinds of venues, groups, and events.

Special note for charities and other nonprofit groups: 
Adjusted arrangements for payment can be made, to help nonprofit groups support their good causes.

Book now! http://www.superunconscious.com/p/agents.html#agents

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